IQF Sweet Corn

Unlike field corn assortments, which are reaped when the portions are dry and ripe, sweet corn is picked when immature then settled and taken as a vegetable, in pace of a grain. Following the procedure of preparation of sweet corn includes converting sugar to starch, sweet corn needs devoured crisp or canned or solidified before the parts get to be tough and fatty.

To give a rich taste of sweet corn we prepare IQF sweet corn by de-husking and de-kernel the matured, delicate, delicious and delicate sorted cobs of sweet corn. Free streaming parts are isolated physically, washed, whitened and dewatered. The gained item is then gone through the individual brisk cooler (IQF) or impact cooler at – 40°C and afterward sieved, assessed, pressed and went through a metal detector. By and large, the procedure is completed keeping up strict hygienic conditions.