Guava Pulp – White & Pink

White Guava Pulp is obtained from physically gathered, full grown, spotless and ready white guavas. The white guava mash handling incorporates numerous strides, for example, – cutting, de-stoning, refining and pressing. If there should arise an occurrence of aseptic bundling, the creamish white mash is sanitized and after that gathered into aseptic sacks. Stringent quality norms are taken after at every phase of preparing with the goal that clients get premium quality white guava pulp. The sweet flavor and vitamin C in white guava mash is perfect for use in the nourishment preparing industry for making products like organic breads, cakes, tarts, biscuits, pie-fillings, garnishes, grains, juices, strained natural product, natural product treats and organic product drinks.
Pink Guava Pulp is obtained and handled from handpicked pink guavas that are riped, unblemished and ready. The normal pink shade of the natural product makes it an engaging base for frozen yogurts, treats, smoothies, mixed drinks, exquisite sauces, guava based refreshments, jams, jams, jelly, organic product serving of mixed greens dressing and guava glue. We offer finest quality pink guava mash for mechanical and business use.